Cheryl is a  Learning Doula--a person who supports others as they learn, unlearn and emerge into their wealth and possibilities. budding pioneer of the field of learning and development. She is an established personal accountability and self-help author and has formed her business around the principles of autonomy, authenticity, and the courageous questioning that she writes about. Her new book, The Last Evaluation (coming soon) visits these principles in the framework of genuine and seamless living and working.




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August 12, 2019

The first time was around September last year. On that day, I was standing in my kitchen when I finally decided to do it. I’d been contemplating it for months but on that day, I just knew that it was time. You know how you feel when you really make your mind up to do s...

May 11, 2018

1. Systematically seeking to destabilize inherent and equivalent value of knowledge among the genetically diverse is the modus operandi of the workplace designed to see humans as resources, learning as a means to a marketable end, and evaluation as a tool to judge and...

March 27, 2018

In 1975 Dr. Edward Tronick of UMass Boston conducted the “Still Face Experiment”, a procedure where a mother faces her child, and is asked to hold a 'still face', in which she does not react to the child's behaviors. The reactions of the child are then observed.


March 10, 2018

The most dangerous phrase in any language is, "I've always done it this way". I guarantee you that most of today's providers of training, certificates, certifications, degrees, Master Class programs, Development retreats and every other type of information disseminatin...