Cheryl is a  Learning Doula--a person who supports others as they learn, unlearn and emerge into their wealth and possibilities. budding pioneer of the field of learning and development. She is an established personal accountability and self-help author and has formed her business around the principles of autonomy, authenticity, and the courageous questioning that she writes about. Her new book, The Last Evaluation (coming soon) visits these principles in the framework of genuine and seamless living and working.




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Where are you getting in your own way? What decisions got you where you are? What decisions will move you in a more authentic direction? Where in your environment is growth difficult?  Where do you want courage to understand? Where do you currently find meaning?

With Emerging Me I will share my learning "adventures" in work and life and how that learning impacts my thinking and actions. Adventures will include books I've read, experiences I've had and questions I've asked that led (and are leading) to a learning and growing experience. Listeners will follow me as I start a learning journey to write a book, book a speaking event, complete a work project, start my own business, start a relationship and other endeavors the require learning, risk, evaluation, and decision-making.




Learning Design
Trail blaze your way forward  with a new, innovative approach to learning-evaluation...Learning as a Platform and Learning as a Project.
Revaluing Evaluation
A new approach to evaluation that frees you from unnecessary effort 
The Art of Critical Decision Making
Grow your skill of decision making with this engaging and practical information
The Hidden Factor: Why Thinking Differently is Your Greatest Asset
See and exercise your ability for more diverse thinking from a position of breaking down institutional silos and building effective teams.
Mastering Stage Presence: How to Present Powerfully to an Audience
Present your authentic self and provoke others' flourishing in any setting 
Mastering Influence: Life's Most Powerful Skill
See from your sphere of influence
How Ideas Spread
Your ideas are sentient and they contribute to your present environment. How are you contributing?
Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids While You Work
Help your child form friendships, develop self-confidence and cope with emotions ...on the job.
Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence
See yourself objectively and design a powerful way forward.
The Psychology of Performance:  Being Your Best in Life Right Now
Optimize your mental, emotional and physical game
Your Deceptive Mind: Exercising Your Critical Thinking Skills and the Power of Your Mind
Discover the science of cognitive biases and critical thinking and experience yourself as a savvier, sharper critical thinker in your professional and personal life
The Problem Isn't the Problem.
Unearth the constraints and limitations that grow problems, then move more decisively.



Cheryl Abram is available for Precision Mentoring and consultation. Please contact her using the contact form below.
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