Cheryl is a  Learning Doula--a person who supports others as they learn, unlearn and emerge into their wealth and possibilities. budding pioneer of the field of learning and development. She is an established personal accountability and self-help author and has formed her business around the principles of autonomy, authenticity, and the courageous questioning that she writes about. Her new book, The Last Evaluation (coming soon) visits these principles in the framework of genuine and seamless living and working.




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Lost In Thought

June 13, 2014


Have you ever noticed you are the only one who has thoughts? No one else thinks, just you. Notice your family members, friends, grocery store cashiers, and strangers in restaurants or in cars on the highway. Listen to what they say and observe the things they do. They have no thoughts in their heads while they are doing these things. They just do them, without thinking about it, making judgments or anticipating an outcome. There are no thoughts in their heads "telling" them that what they are doing is wrong, right, good or evil. They have no thoughts that tell them what to do next, what to say next or how to interact with another person. They aren't thinking about you, thinking of a past or planning for a future. What you see is what you get. Everything is out in the open. They have no hidden thoughts or feelings. No one has past memories or future imagination. If there is any thinking, imagining or feeling going on then you are doing it; no one else. This means that people act with no planning, expectation or purpose. They are not choosing or making decisions. They act with no secret or mysterious agenda.



Sound preposterous? Well, what does your experience tell you. Do you see others' thoughts or just yours? Just yours. There are no thought bubbles over anyone's head where you can see thoughts. You don't see others' thoughts because "others" have no thoughts. Notice that no one else has thoughts and see what happens. Literally, just look at them and see that they have no thoughts. Just as you would observe a newborn baby, eating, smiling, crying, cooing, and doing all the things babies do...without thoughts in their heads. It's your fog of thoughts that obscure what is really here; only your thoughts...which are the only thoughts there are. Look at the fog that you are creating. Don't try to stop or suppress your thoughts, just look. No one and nothing else is obscuring your vision with all these thoughts so no one and nothing else can help you see.


See that when you think, you're thinking for everything and everyone. You are writing and narrating this story. Because of what you're doing, you think everyone is doing this and is, therefore,hiding something from you, in their "heads", but this isn't true. Nothing is hidden from you. Everything is right here. See that you are the lone thinker, judge, planner, and paranoid schizophrenic stumbling around in the dark tripping over your own feet. This fog of thoughts does not protect you from anything or anyone. Nothing is out to get you so protection is not needed. It's all you. It's all love...so open your eyes and see that no one has thoughts...then you'll see you don't have them either! This means thoughts are not explaining or describing anything. They have no meaning and they're not needed. Think or not, nobody cares. See that thoughts are not necessary and see how the fog lifts.



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