Cheryl is a  Learning Doula--a person who supports others as they learn, unlearn and emerge into their wealth and possibilities. budding pioneer of the field of learning and development. She is an established personal accountability and self-help author and has formed her business around the principles of autonomy, authenticity, and the courageous questioning that she writes about. Her new book, The Last Evaluation (coming soon) visits these principles in the framework of genuine and seamless living and working.




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Worship--My One Fatal Mistake.

March 3, 2016


Worship is fatal. At least that's what I believed. Worship was the cause of my emptiness and unworthiness. Let me tell you why. First, why do we worship? What's the real purpose? On the surface I saw it as simply giving honor to God, and for the most part that's what it is; but let's look at the definition of worship. "Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. The word is derived from the Old English weor[p]scipe, meaning honor shown to an object, which has been etymologised as "...worth-ship--to give worth to something." In addition, "worship asserts the reality of its object...". In other words, worship speaks confidently of the reality of something. When you look at these or any other definition of "worship" you see they all involve "giving". There is no worship without giving. Giving honor and giving worth. Well, you cannot give what you do not have, can you? Is it possible to give what you don't have? No, it isn't. You must first have something to give it. You must have honor to give it. You must have worth to give it. You must first have love, esteem, respect and reverence to give it.  In worship you speak confidently of the reality of the qualities that you are giving to God or another object or deity. When you worship, is there ever any doubt that you are giving reverence, honor, love and glory to God? I dare say there is no doubt.

When you worship and give honor, worth, love and respect, do you lose these qualities in the process? Really think about this. By giving, do you then become worth-less or honor-less? Does worship result in depletion of love, respect and reverence in the worshiper? Is worship a sacrifice where you lose what you have given? Of course not. Anyone who has ever worshiped knows that the giving of what you already have causes an increase in that quality. More reverence, more honor, more love, more respect, more worth, more glory. Worship does not leave you empty of these qualities. Giving glory, honor, and love to God did not leave me empty. My fatal mistake was believing that it did. I thought that I was empty, void, deserted, abandoned, hollow, meaningless and without worth. Firing God is about my discovery that this is not true. My giving did not cause emptiness or worthlessness. I see now that I can only give what I already have and my giving did not leave me with nothing. My giving only increases that quality in me.  The same is true for you. You are not empty and in need of replenishment from something "outside" of you. Sacrifice is not needed so you can be filled and made whole. You are never not whole. You are already full. Your wholeness and fullness is not divided, diminished, in pieces or in need of replenishment.  Worship is not needed, but if you choose to do so, pay attention to your worship. Look at what you are giving and know that it's already there and is neither increased or diminished as you "give" it away.


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