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The War Between Dollars and Sense

January 7, 2017


Growing up in southern Louisiana, I heard alot about something called "poverty". As a child,  I didn't know what that meant. I knew that sometimes I wore old clothes, sometimes I played outside without shoes, sometimes I didn't get the toys that I saw other children playing with, but I didn't know "poverty". I remember eating rice and peas with no meat, or drinking water with sugar in it as a treat, but I didn't know "poverty".  I didn't know that we didn't have enough. I didn't know that I was missing something. I had no idea that lack of money would translate into unhappiness. I was clueless to the fact that money was so important.


Have you ever heard the sayings, "Money makes the world go round" or "The love of money is the root of all evil", or "Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will" or "If you want to reap financial blessings then you have to sow financially"? I don't have to share dozens of quotes or go into a long history of money for all of us to understand that money is serious business in this world. We're either making it, wishing we had it, denying that we need it, or hoping for more of it. If you do not fall into any of those categories then you are on some other plane and nothing I'm saying here applies to you. For the rest of us, money is a central component in our lives. Not only does it determine the things we have or don't have, it largely determines our mood and our feelings. With money in the bank, we feel secure, happy, joyful, safe and content. Without money and the security it seems to bring we feel vulnerable, worried, anxious, depressed, and afraid. Because money appears to be such a cornerstone to a relatively happy existence, we've got to approach this in a different way.


Normally, I'd tell a story, or engage you in some other way to slowly lead to the central point; but not this time. The concept of money is so central to the concept of lack that we have to hit it head on. Money is so important in maintaining the illusion of scarcity, that we can't beat around the bush. We can't pussyfoot around. We have to take off the kid gloves and put on our big girl and big boy pants. Let's take the bull by the horns and go straight to the truth. Are you ready? Let's do this.



Money is not just the green paper and metal coins we use to buy goods. Money is movement. Movement, (through the 5+ senses) is the currency you use to get what you want. And what we want is experience. Actually, what we want is a personal experience. Forget about judging it as right, wrong, good or evil. Personal experience is the bulls-eye and, like champion marksmen, we hit that bad boy every time.


We are whores for personal experience. Mooji says we're "promiscuous", Jeff Foster says we must "admit everything". Sounds like a whore to me. Movement is a critical mechanism of experience. It's movement/money that is the root of all evil...which means it's also the root of all that's good. Movement is the 5(+) senses. Is your sight selecting what is wants to see? Is your hearing selecting what it wants to hear? Are you selecting the thoughts that are arising? Is your "body"  choosing from a menu of feelings and only selecting those that it wants to feel? Nope. You're wide open...just takin' it. You accept feelings of offense,shock, anger, disbelief or mirth with no resistance at all. Right now, you're living up to the label. You're sensing it all and there's nothing you can or want to do about it.


Can we see and tell the truth about this.You love the concept of money/sensing/movement because it brings a myriad of experiences with it. Fundamentally, you do not care what the experience is, neither do you know what it is. You honestly don't give a shit.


Money, or lack of money, and the seeming problems, pleasures and atrocities it brings is not the problem. Movement is not the problem. Sensing is not the problem. The problem is the attempts to try capture all of that. The movement to try to capture it, is the thing you're trying to capture! The truth is the drive to get money is redundant. "Well, that's all fine and good, but how do I pay my bills"? I'm glad you asked.


This is not about denying interpretations, lying to yourself or pretending you don't feel lack or have needs. It isn't about looking at a zero balance in your bank account and pretending that it doesn't matter or looking at a pile of money on your coffee table and still feeling like you have nothing to live for. This is about seeing that none of those interpretations is a problem, it's just your present context.

From here (wherever we are right now) is where we can cease to fight and strive to capture the wind. It's where we can stop focusing on movement and start to see where we are in life. Movement/money/sensation doesn't need our "help" it will take care of itself. Let's look at our current context (the environment, situation, circumstances, emotions, setting that determines the meaning of where we are now in our relationships, economic situations, spiritual life, etc.).  Don't go any further than that. Don't think about what you want in 10 years, 5 years, or event 5 minutes from now. Just look at the present context, now...and now...and now...and now. See how movement is taking care of itself. See how money is flowing. See how sensation is doing what it does without your two cents.


See that there's no war going on here. No fight to gain anything. Nothing is missing. Even if your car is currently being towed and you're being thrown out of your house. Still nothing is missing because experience is the target...and we've got that in the bag. We really do have exactly what we want right now. All that other stuff is gravy...or shitty (whichever way you want to judge it).






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